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Thank you for your interest in ebike Fantom - which is not only a brand, it is a lifestyle that we would like to promote on our family market and of course internationally! We are distinguished by multidimensional beauty, comfort, elegance and of course being ECO!

One word to describe us is PASSION. We are passionate about creating amazing electric bikes using the latest technologies. We believe that electric bikes can be more than just another means of transport - they can make life better, much easier and more ecological.

To do this, we follow our most important rule - we construct what we would use ourselves with great joy. We don't accept mediocrity, and our clients shouldn't do it either.

Our DEALERS are AMBASSADORS of the brand and the keepers of the unique ebike Fantom culture and help to create experience, memories and a bond that can last a lifetime.

Technical Support

Receive FULL technical support. We are here for you!

Marketing Support

Benefits from our marketing efforts. All ours marketing pictures and videos about the products are also yours! Posting about you on our social media! And yes, there is more to come!

Video Tutorials

Exceptional tutorials about our products!

Premium Quality

Discover our premium quality, unmistakeable design and competitive retail pricing.


ebike Fantom

Cycling is more than just mode of transportation, cycling is a way of life. Our ebike Fantom gives you freedom to drive the way you want. The powerful motors ad reliable, long lasting battery give you this extra bit of support during your ebike Fantom adventures.

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